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Variety of Painted Laurelleaf Reproduction Greiner Doll Heads

Laurelleaf Studios is proud to offer a variety of Historical Reproduction Greiner Doll Kits. Each kit comes with complete instructions for painting the paper mache head. The kits also come with both body and clothing patterns which have detailed instructions. Tan leather for the hands is included. Finished dolls are 19 inches tall. The Greiner doll heads are exact reproductions of actual Greiner Patent Head Dolls originally made in Philadelphia. An authentic body pattern with leather arms and legs with boots in the style of Mary Streuber is included. The clothing patterns are historically correct. In fact after you finish your doll you should sign it to make sure no one mistakes it for an antique.  Click pictures for enlargement.

Please order kit by the hairstyle.

Each kit is $ 79.00

Kit includes Paper Mache head, leather for the hands, dress and body patterns
Doll kit, head patterns leather for arms
Blonde Greiner doll
Brunette Greiner Paper Mache Doll
Short hair or child Greiner doll
Blonde Hair Greiner Doll
Brunette Greiner Doll
Short Haired or Child Greiner Doll

Dolls pictured above are sold.

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