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Reproduction Miniature Izannah Walker Dolls
group shotGroup of Tiny Izannah Walker style Dolls

Small Izannah Walker style dolls are made of cloth and then hand painted. Each doll is approximately 6.5 inches tall. The dolls are dressed in small cotton prints or solids. Girl dolls wear dresses and pantaloons and boys wear jackets and trousers. As with the original dolls, boots are painted on. Dolls are available as black or white girls and boys. Girls have two available hair styles, whisps or curls.

Dolls are $499.00 each.

Mini Izannah Walker Dolls with curls
Girls with Curls
Tiny Reproduction Izannah Walker Dolls with whisps
Girls with Whisps
Izannah Walker Boy Dolls
Tiny cloth dolls with handpainted tendril curls
Girl's hair showing curls from all sides
Mini Cloth Izannah Walker Dolls whisp hair
Girl's showing whisp hair style from all sides

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