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Antique Kamkins and her two little Laurelleaf Kamkin dolls
Louise Kampes Kamkins Dolls

By Lolly Yocum

Kamkins Doll were made by Louise Kampes and sold in Atlantic City, New Jersey from 1919 until about 1928 +. The dolls were made of cloth using a special technique to make the faces sanitary. Louise applied for a patent for her process and it was granted November 2 ,1920. The patent process involved a die over which layers of rubber were laid, cloth was applied and then vulcanized. The heads were then assembled and the faces painted. Bodies of the dolls were made of a sturdy cotton. On the bodies a red paper label can be found in a heart shape, the label has " A Dolly Made to Love" Patented by L.R.Kampes Atlantic City, NJ" printed on it . 

Dolls were available in Keith 18 or 19 inch size. The 19 inch doll had a crier in the back. Human or mohair wigs were available and the most popular wig style was the dutch cut. It used for both boy and girl dolls. A special long hair style which could be braided without showing bald spots was also available. Rarely bent limb babies, painted body and hair and molded buttock models are found. The dolls had well made clothing made by seamstresses and new styles were offered each year.  The store was located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in Atlantic City , New Jersey . 


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