Vintage needle sharpener strawberry
Original Dolls
Old silk thread spools
Other Dolls
Dolls dummy
Doll Costuming
Old velvet straw pincushion
Sterling sewing scissors
Great Grandma Ada Pennypacker Highs sterling shuttle
doll lcothing sewing pattern pieces
The original train case and Shirley Temple patterns
My doll world is centered around friends and cloth. As daughters of accomplished seamstresses my childhood friend and I would design and make clothes for our dolls, much as our mothers did for us. Once while making Barbie clothes I wanted better results and used my mothers sewing machine instead of my “kiddie” model. I promptly sewed over myself and can still see a piece of my mothers sewing machine needle in my finger .
At an auction my sister in law and I found a stack of doll clothing patterns in an old suitcase we won in a lot. I had just purchased a new sewing machine with many complicated features and thought that making some of the doll clothes would be a great way to familiarize myself with my new machine. When the old Simplicity Shirley Temple wardrobe was completed I realized I needed a doll. Having boys the closest thing to dolls we had were G.I. Joe's. I borrowed one from a doll collecting friend and quickly became immersed in doll collecting and learning about dolls.
Many dolls later, I started making doll clothing ( including outfits for G.I. Joe ) and soon after made my first doll. She had a cloth body and painted features. I have worked in many mediums including papermache and polymer clays but I am always drawn back to cloth. I feel I am practicing textile alchemy when I cut flat pieces of cloth and then transform them into a doll. The results of this magic is the wonderful friendships I have made through dolls.
I am a member of UFDC , AADA, IMGA and The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. Dolls I have made can be seen in Antique Doll World, Doll Crafter Magazine and Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine
Handpainted photograph of Ada Pennypacker High
Ada Pennypacker: My GGGrandmother- Her shuttle is in the tool bar
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