lollypops on checkerboard background

I love the Volks Four Sisters Head and got my first (dated 1999) in September

then I got another (dated 2002), one is not enough! I noted some differences.

  1999 on left 2002 on right  
Volks 4 sisters heads
  Skullcaps off the heads    
1999 Head is always on the left
With 18mm eyes on left and 20mm on right
Head caps are different
  Caps off the heads  
Note the differences nose to nose
  back to back volks heads    
Head caps off
Nose to Nose
Back to back
  Neck opening differences  
Thinner resin on 1999 head
  Molded differences inside heads    

Inside from the back. Resin is thinner

Inside more molding in 2002
  1999 head is bigger  
Chin and noses
  Different sized heads    
From the chin up
Forehead to forehead
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