Information and comparisons
Volks MSD Myu and Unoa Sist
Volks SD 13 Luts and Customhouse girl bodies
Cerberus Project luts Male and female bodies
BJD Boy bodies Luts Volks Lovelyhouse
Lati Yellow Pipos Namoo Orientdoll Angel Region sizes
Mid size lineup
Lati Yello CH Bisou,Volks Yo SD CH petite AI Domadoll Kkotmu sizes
Many companies resin colors compared
volks customhouse Hypermaniac heads
Myu MSD Kit Assy
Unoa Lusis kit contents


Volks Old and new SD13 bodies
Volks girl SD13 bodies compared
Opening Sleeping eye head
Another open eyed sleeping elf
Volks SD13 Heads om Old and new bodies
switching Volks heads and bodies
Sanding seperating comparing SD10 SD13 and Unoa hands
Washer in CH head
Metal washer in Customhouse doll head

Volks Four Sister Head Variations

Volks four sisters heads 1999, 2002
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