Myu Doll kit box

Myu Kit arrives from Doll & Hobby Shop



Opened box showing contents

Kit Contents


Checking doll kit pieces

Doll pieces checked

Glue joints to limbs

After Removing seam lines and sanding the ball joints were attached with 5 minute epoxy


Mini Super dollfie hands and feet

Toes and fingers separated and sanded


Mini SUper Dollfie body blushed

Body Blushed

Myus first make upFace-up done

Myu Doll assembled

Head attached to body


Myus softer 2nd face-up

Second Face-up

Myu rests on her box pillows

In her box resting on her pillow


Mini Dollfie with box and parts

Myu Done





Myu dresses like Harry Potters Hermoine

Myu As Hermoine




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