Vintage needle sharpener strawberry
Original Dolls
Old silk thread spools
Other Dolls
Dolls dummy
Doll Costuming
Old velvet straw pincushion
Sterling sewing scissors
Sterling shuttle
Doll cothing sewing pattern pieces
Lolly's Doll Costuming
Antique doll re costumed in silk,batiste lace
My COD Flapper bisque head composition body doll
Jeans Shirley in the repro outfit

Antique S&H doll in silk all antique laces were used

Antique COD Flapper doll in silk chiffon and beaded outfit
Composition Shirley Temple in recreated Cowboy outfit
My little Melody
Unmarked hard plastic doll based on Patsy
Mary Annes bisque head boy doll
Melody, a Rose Pinkul doll in her finest
Unmarked hard plastic in 50's style dress
Sweet bisque boy in Sailor outfit
Jeans Composition Shirley Temple Doll
Larry Tyckson UFDC wooden doll
Volks Mini Super Dollfie Myu
Composition Shirley Temple in pink velvet coat made from Simplicity Pattern per clients request
Tiny 6" Larry Tyckson wooden Doll in school type dress
Volks MSD Myu in sundress
Volks Super Dollfie 13 wears a OOAK dress with skull theme
Dress for Hitty DRess for Lil Darling by Diane Effner
Skull themed Halloween dress for Super Dollfie
Cream lace up for Hitty
Halloween Dress for Lil Darling
DRess for Blythe Blythe black outfit  
Patchwork for Blythe Shabby black for Blythe  
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