Vintage needle sharpener strawberry
Original Dolls
old silk thread spools
Other Dolls
Dolls dummy
Doll Costuming
Old velvet straw pincushion
sterling sewing scissors
Sterling shuttle
doll lcothing sewing pattern pieces
Lolly's Original Dolls
Embroidered cloth doll
close up of embroidered cloth dolls face
Sculpey peddlar doll
Mary Q Contrary
Mary's Face
Candle Peddlar
Embroidered Beaded Cloth Goddess doll
closeup of goddess' face and bead tears
Johns and Elizabeth at their wedding cloth
Goddess Doll
Goddess of The First Frost's face
John And Elizabeth
Sculpey miniature doll Galileo
Galileos Face is 1 inch tall
Super Sculpey Doll Father Time juggles with an hourglass
Miniature Galileo
Galileos face close up
Father Time
Snitches Soccus looks for socks to steal
Paperclay Snitches face with glass eyes
Molded Felt round robin doll
Snitches Soccus
Snitches closeup - looking for socks
Felt Round Robin Doll
Cloth Doll Mardi Gras Jester
Close up of cloth covered doll face
Sculpey Father Christmas after a Victorian postcard
Jester Vickie
Vickies Face close up
Santa Doll
Beloved Belindy Cloth Rag Doll Handpainted face
Miniature 6 1/2 inches 40's style
Molded Felt doll for Sew me a Story library display
Beloved Belindy
Cloth Topsy Turvey Doll
Sew me a Story Peter
Paper Mache Santa in Belsnickle style
Gift Shop Santas
Santa with recycled mink and wool
Paper Mache Santa
Group of Santas Dolls
Teddy Bear Santa
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