Vintage needle sharpener strawberry
Original Dolls
Old silk thread spools
Other Dolls
Dolls dummy
Doll Costuming
Old velvet straw pincushion
sterling sewing scissors
Sterling shuttle
Doll cothing sewing pattern pieces
Lolly's Pattern Dolls
Oil Painted cloth doll
Painted cloth and wool doll crazy quilt style
Cloth doll with mask face and 3 pigs applique

Columbian Style oil painted doll from Susan Fosnots Pattern in Doll Crafter magazine

Gail Wilson Crazy Quilted Santa
Sue McFaddens class using and old stock Molleye face
Butterfly fairy cloth and painted doll
Witch doll with broom for swap
Cloth jointed doll pumpkin dude rides a gourd
Barbara Butterfly variation made from Patti Culea Pattern
Little Ugly Witch variation made from Patti Culea Pattern
Pumpkin Dude class from a pattern by Alyson Sprague
Vintage style dollhouse family
Button hinged santa
Cloth and embroidered mini doll
Dollhouse Family variation from Gail Wilson Pattern
Jumping Jack Santa from pattern by Nancy Daniel
Scaled to Miniature size Godey Doll from Vintage McCalls pattern 1292
Velvet and corderoy Mickey
Mini cloth and embroidered doll 5 inches tall
My first cloth doll
Mickey Mouse from Vintage Simplicity Pattern 7111
Miniaturized 1915 cloth doll pattern
My first cloth doll made from Eloise Piper pattern
Felt Alice in Wonderland Queen
Crackle painted cloth doll
Velvet porky pig stuffed animal
Queen of Hearts pattern by Margaret Hutchings
Primitive Sawdust filled doll pattern from Doll Reader Magazine
Porky Pig from vintage Simplicity pattern
Cloth and wooden turkeys
Velvet and embroidered Bunny
Watercolor and Ink paper clay and cloth doll
Mr & Mrs Turkey pattern by Lynda Makara
Uncle Wiggily from vintage McCalls 1086
MaryLou Rose from class with Kathryn Walmsley
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