Vintage needle sharpener strawberry
Original Dolls
old silk thread spools
Other Dolls
Dolls dummy
Doll Costuming
Old velvet straw pincushion
sterling sewing scissors
Great Grandma Ada Pennypacker Highs sterling shuttle
doll lcothing sewing pattern pieces
Doll Houses
Detail shots
Toy Shop 2003 - Roombox class with Rik Pierce  
Three Bears Cottage 2008 - another Class with Rik of Frogmorton Studios  
Hobbit House 2004 - class with Rik Pierce  
Medieval Folly 2013 - last class with Rik of Frogmorton studio  
RikpierceDollHouseclassFolly minihousefolly
Kit Bashed House that Jack Built inspired by a series in Gildebrief  
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