Vintage needle sharpener strawberry
Original Dolls
old silk thread spools
Other Dolls
Dolls dummy
Doll Costuming
Old velvet straw pincushion
sterling sewing scissors
Great Grandma Ada Pennypacker Highs sterling shuttle
doll lcothing sewing pattern pieces
Lolly's Quilts
Detail shots
Froggy Quilt for twin bed cottons and some metallics
close up of 50's conversation print frogs

Frog quilt Pattern was Splash Party by Shirley Fowlkes Stevenson

I used 1950's sample fabrics
Dino quilt Jurrasic scene
compsagnathus eating eggs and T-rex fighting stegosaurus
Dinosaurs pattern by Debora Konchinsky
Dino details
plaid houses twin bed quilts
plaid houses some off grain

Plaid Houses inspired by Roberta Horton's Plaids and Stripes

I had TOO many plaids and made a pair using Roberta's technique - casually off grain
 applque fish frolic in an under sea world
Mr Shark is HUNUGRY
Tropical Fish pattern by Debora Konchinsky
Hungry Tiger Shark
dissapointing strips king sized quilt
not enough  contrast to make it sizzle
Inspired by Strips that Sizzle by Margaret Miller
Detail of purple/aqua pinwheels
Merry Scrappy Christmas King sized quilt
note santa in each house
Christmas houses
I inherited many vintage Christmas prints from my Grandmothers stash
Double sized crazy quilt
deatil of Halloween square witch bat devil skeleton
My Crazy Quilt
All hand embroidered on silks found in grandmothers scrap bag
Silk details octapus starfish angels
some embroidered flowers animals in wool
Halloween things, alligators, spiders, bugs
Flowers, fish and more bugs
Advent Calendar wall hanging
cute details
Kings size Orange Diamond
Center hand quilted, border machine quilted
Oversized King NOT Charmed
Machine quilted
Antique Family Quilts
Detail shots
Ernest family quilt
wonderful quilting pattern but frail cotton
Old quilt from my side of the family
Grandmother remembers it being her grandmothers
Gruninger Family quilt
poorly appliqued buut finely quilted
Old quilt from Hubbys side of the family
Grandmother had finished the plates but it wasn't assembled until after she died
red and white cotton checks
quilting not as deatiled cotton very frail and some torn
Another old quilt from his side of the family
Detail - its very worn
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